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Treat insomnia and sleep disorders with Hypnotherapy, NLP, Life Coaching by Gary Young, thinkjuice

Deal with insomnia – with the help of thinkjuice

Wakefulness, sleeplessness and other sleep disorders: the root cause is often anxiety

Most of us have experienced a racing mind at bedtime or been kept awake by anxious thoughts. The problem is, once sleep patterns become disrupted and if a problem persists, it can be very difficult to break the cycle. We can help you take positive steps to gain a more restful night’s sleep.

Think differently: sleep disorders can be persistent and seriously debilitating. Many people experience the inability to fall asleep or stay asleep for long, or experience poor quality sleep, and we can also carry insomnia into our waking lives in the form of functional impairment. Long-term issues can include memory problems, irritability, depression and even increased risk of heart disease – with some people turning to sleeping tablets, which can often make the situation worse. lifejuice can help you to break the cycle.

A complaint of prolonged sleep onset latency, disturbance of sleep maintenance or experiencing non-refreshing sleep, insomnia can occur at any age but it is often found in elderly people. It can be short term (2-3 weeks) or long term (more than 3–4 weeks).

“Easy to learn self-hypnosis techniques are particularly helpful, and form part of the lifejuice insomnia programme. We work with clients to focus on alleviating anxiety, and to change their attitude to sleep. Many people become anxious they’re not getting enough sleep, which only adds to the problem.”

There are no overnight solutions: the route to success comes from within. With our support, hypnotherapy can help to lower your adrenalin levels, improve your ability to relax, reduce anxious thoughts – and prepare your body for higher quality sleep.

Your initial 30-minute consultation is FREE OF CHARGE

this can either be in person or via skype

At this session we will discuss your sleep and other habits, how often you experience problems, what you want to achieve, and other relevant details. When you are ready to book your thinkjuice treatment, we will discuss any preparations you need to make in advance of the two-hour session, which will normally take place 4-5 days later. At the end of this session, we can discuss and agree any further treatment.

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Your first 30-minute consultation is free, this can either be in person or via skype.

If you have persistent trouble sleeping, leading to other effects or conditions, this may be a symptom or sign of another medical condition: please contact your GP or other medical professional immediately.